পলাশীপাড়া সমাজ কল্যাণ সমিতি (পিএসকেএস)


পিএসকেএস বঞ্চিতদেরসহ সকলের জন্য

PSKS is for all including the least advantaged


Previously the name of the project was NGO Service Delivery Project (NSDP), financially supported by Pathfinder International. The project areas were Gangni upazila and ClinicMeherpur Sadar of Meherpur district and Daulatpur, Bheramara and Sadar upazila of Kushtia district. At present the project has changed its name into NGO Health Service Delivery Project (NHSDP) and is running in Gangni and Meherpur Sadar upazila of Meherpur district; Daulatpur, Bheramara & Sadar upazila of Kushtia district and Kaligonj & sadar upazila of Jhenaidah with financial assistance by Pathfinder International. Under the Smiling Sun Franchise Project (SSFP), PSKS is presently providing health services to the whole families instead of providing services to only the eligible couples. Thus, the range of service under this program has been extended. At present there are three phases of rendering family health services; first, grass root level based on the Depot-holders, satellite clinics at the second level, and third, static clinic with referral service facilities. Depot-holders have storage of some health service commodities at their homes. Their services include providing health related information to the local people; supply them with contraceptives, oral saline and some common medicines which do not require to be prescribed by doctors. The range of service by satellite clinics is much larger than that by the depot-holders. In addition to the service there by the depot-holders, there are EPI service, services for pregnant mothers, postnatal advice, side effect management of contraceptives use, medication for general diseases etc. There are static clinics to provide services that are not available at satellite clinics. Family health service clinics are getting improved gradually so that qualitative and essential services can be ensured. These services included reproductive health, family planning, child health, control of communicable diseases, medication of common diseases, and contact for change of health related behavior.
PSKS has established Emergency Obstetric Care (EmOC) service from its Gangni and Jhenidah clinic; Safe Delivery (SD) and Home Delivery (HD) services from its Gangni, Daulatpur and Jhenidah clinic; Comprehensive laboratory service from its Gangni, Meherpur, Kushtia and Jhenidah Clinic and Health Care Mart (HCM) & Pharmacy from its Gangni, Daulatpur, Kushtia and Jhenidah clinic.